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    #Simple I aint the most perfect parent in the world but I get it… I’m not gone lie and say I never club but its far and few when I do, and that goes for everything else as well. Nothing is easy but giving your family your all, #Simple

    Tell me im dreaming… One of my FAVORITE rising artist tell me it aint real?! 😔 I feel like i wanna cry like i knew him personally! But i guess thats what happens when u have an ARTIST who really spittin his true life! You feel like u knowem…. Smh #RIPSnupe @lilsnupe Prayers go out to @alexischerelle

    Lies && Blurred Lines….

    When Boredom Strikes at Work…. Lol The Grind Never Stops! Glad to be off tho…

    Today is THE day people!!!! #PearlHarbor drops today and you would be a FOOL not to go listen to it! I’ll have the link for yall later. Stay Tuned…. #PearlHarbor #JetLeague #ItsTheLeague #SWAii @swaii @killacam24

    #FamilyNight It’s been a good day in the neighborhood! 😊😘 @thadaileynewz

    I dont know how to say this or where to start lol. Ok. Last year on this day at 3:37pm you changed my life for the better. You were 7lbs and 7oz of joy and fire. I knew that day, at thst moment you were the best thang that ecer happened to me. Snd a year later, you are STILL amazing! You make my cries, laughs and my frowns, smiles. You have saved me sooooo much and you dont even know it. You are my princess. I named you Jazara because it means blessed princess and you are EXACTLY that! You went from the sick baby in the NICU to this talllll walking talking big girl! So on this Mother’s Day I have the BEST gift ever… You! Healthy, growing and BAD! Lol Happy 1st Birthday Jazara Ann Dailey! Thank you for being in my life and I promise today will be so fun! Even tho ya birthday party aint til the weekend lol. Love you Fat Baby! -Mommy

    Late but… #nationalcoupleday 😜😝

    I may have had a long, hard day but I did it in style! Lol #HotStuff #SwitchItUp #RIPZay #LoyaltyOverEverything #StraightUp

    February 16th i lost someone special. It was more than “somebody I dated,” I lost someone who gave great advice, someone who loved and provided no matter what, a friend.. A best friend and sooo much more. This may look like a whole bunch of nothing to you but it means the world to me. Me and Zay had an unbreakable bond thru the ups and the downs. I’ve been reading these letters and lookin at his pictures just smiling. Im at peace with him passing because of the conversation we had that Friday. Just to catch up and be a friend to each other. I hope he appreciated the friend i was to him because I appreciate what he meant to me. “Loyalty is Everything!” Thats why its tatted on me! Today was really hard for me. This week has been hard too but I’ve been pulling thru. I love you Zay. You we’re a great person. I promise to stay in contact w/ all of your family and make sure ya lil boy straight! I love you X-man, Save me a space in heaven. Rest in Peace!

    Zara said she just chillin enjoying her first Valentines lol #HappyValentinesDay lol

    #StraightUp #Word

    Im Trying To Get My Hair Done…. But This is What’ Im Dealing Wit! Lol

    Im Trying To Get My Hait Done…. But This is What’ Im Dealing Wit! Lol

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